What is Legacy Brands?

Legacy Brands is OUR online products and services platform dedicated to rebuilding our inner cities. Once you register you can become a customer and buy products or services, OR you can become a vendor and sell your products or services.

Our Mission

We have the belief system that the key to our future is that of self reliance and economic independence. We must rebuild our communities to ensure that our children are afforded all of the opportunities of other communities, we must join together and redirect our spending. By making Legacy Brands your conscious purchase you are ensuring that your dollar recirculates in our community and is used to further our cause, Rebuilding Our Community, one purchase at a time.

Spring 2020 we will launch our very own online platform where you can become a customer, seller, service provider or both! After we launch, you will be able to download the Legacy App on your phone and purchase items or services from OUR platform instead of the others guys'.

How does it work?

When you have a need for a product or need a service professional just visit the website and you can order straight from us. We will have vendors selling products and services across the United States and cities near you that can fulfill your needs. For every dollar you spend, 15% of the total cost will be allocated to the Legacy City and one of the 7 Economic Pillars (scroll down for more info) that YOU choose! Just select the city and pillar that you want and your money is on it’s way!

Which City Can I Send My Money?

We have chosen 26 inner cities that have both a large population and a large percentage of African Americans . You simply review the cities and pick one that you would like to make an immediate impact. You do not have to live in the city to want to support it. If you live in an area not on the list simply choose the city that most resonates with you!

What Can You Do Now?

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that we have formulated and created a FIRST EVER full line of household products owned solely by an African American. We have kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, paper towels, paper plates, trash bags and many more! This is our very own! All products are as effective and no different than the every day products you purchase every day but with your CONCIOUS SPENDING you will now know 100% that you monies are going to a worthy cause.


We are launching our full platform Spring 2020 but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can pre-order by subscription your inaugural Legacy Brands Household Products! We are taking the first 10,000 subscriptions NOW but after that the inaugural orders will be closed until Spring 2020!

The Moral Imperative to Rebuild Our Inner Cities

As a partner and Vice President with a large staffing company, for the past 15 years, I have witnessed thousands of Black Men and Women being processed to secure gainful employment. Oftentimes, the job seekers come from communities that are wrought with poverty, poor educational systems. Most of the jobs in these communities pay wages that are so low that it requires the employee to work long hours to live around the poverty line. This is a vicious cycle as it not only prevents them from an education that can provide them with better paying job options, but it also creates an empty space in their homes, disabling the familial relationships.

As an Executive with one company who has first-hand experience witnessing this vicious unbroken cycle. I have a moral imperative to break it. I can no longer witness people suffering without making every attempt to use my resources and experience to create a better tomorrow for our community.

As with all the problems that we encounter, the solution is often hidden on the inside. The answer to this problem persisting in our community lies within us. We must return to and rebuild our inner cities and we must rely on our community, not governmental programs, handouts, or reparations to become the savior to our community.

Dr. Tem Morgan


(833) 266-7426

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With each dollar that you spend, 15% of the total spend will be allocated to our sister Non-Profit Inspiring America. Inspiring America, a registered 501C3 will hold all monies, easily tracked by you and direct the monies to the 7 Economic Pillars needed to restore our 26 Inner Cities

Let's Review The 7 Pillars

Legacy Technical & Community Center

We need to provide an alternative to the traditional college setting for our men and women. In order to break the cycle of dependence our people need additional education above GEDs and high school diplomas. This center is the epicenter of our campus. We will certify our people in technical and medical trades so that they can earn a living wage. The center will also serve as the HUB for our community by providing before and after school programs, STEM learning, community kitchens and closets.

Legacy Markets & Bodegas

We have nothing if we do not control the food we consume. We can no longer allow others to determine the selection, quality and price of what we consume. When you select this pillar, you will direct your monies to support building our larger supermarkets and our corner stores.

Legacy Educational Fund

We can, must and will provide educational support to all those in our community that are interested in pursuing higher education. A portion of the fund will also support our treasured Historically Black Colleges and Institutions.

Legacy Manufacturing & Distribution

Another important epicenter of our community is our Manufacturing & Distribution Centers. In order for us to become self sufficient we must enter the global market place by providing our own goods and services both nationally and internationally. We will not only employ those that manufacture and distribute our products but we will also create jobs in the following verticals: Call Center, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Warehousing.

Legacy Careers

We must ensure each member of our community is given a proper career, vocational, and educational advice to match passions and skills to a suitable career. We will provide job matching and staffing assistance to our members.

Legacy Capital

The barrier to entry for entrepreneurism of our community is too high for us to enter. We either do not have the credit, capital, resources, direction or mentors to help us become successful business owners. Legacy Capital will provide the resources needed to prepare our aspiring entrepreneurs for their dreams to come to fruition.

Legacy Properties

We will reclaim and rebuild our inner cities. We will replace abandoned residential and commercial properties and replace them with revitalized business parks, commercial, industrial and mixed used developments.

What’s Next? Are You Ready? We Need A Commitment From You!

Are You Ready To Be The First Of Your Friends & Family To Purchase Our Inaugural Line Of Legacy Products? Once You Subscribe Make Sure You Share With Your Friends, Families Via Social Media and Tag Your Favorite Artist, Athlete, and Celebrity!


Step 1

Login or register on our website

Step 2

Pick a subscription package type.

Step 3

Review the list of household products that you want the most.

Step 4

Pick the city and pillar that you would like to support

Step 5

We are sending your first shipment to you February 17th and every 30 days thereafter.

Step 6

Login anytime to view your Legacy Dashboard where you can view the total amount spent and your 15% contribution. You can also view or change your chosen city or pillar.
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